Sunday, October 4, 2009


Giddy, Giddy Gumdrops.

For years I have dreamed and dreamed... AND dreamed of owning my very own set of All-Clad cookware (the Prada of cookware people), but it was always just too darn expensive. So last Christmas, Santa left me a little cash to use on something for myself. Well, I'm not one for blowing the entire wad on one thing. I'm also pretty savvy, in that I will usually find a way to get something I've had my eye on for a very long, long while. So I decided to research it further.

I looked into the sets. Pricey. Pricey. And did I say pricey? And after an even closer look, I realized they simply weren't going to meet my needs anyway. A stock pot? I kind of needed a Dutch oven to maneuver easily, being short and all. I also wanted a mix of stainless and non-stick pieces and kept finding the pieces in the set weren't matching the items on my list.

My conclusion? Purchase open stock pieces over time. It really makes a lot of sense. Either buy a set of cookware that only has two pieces I need or actually buy the investment pieces I'm going to use. I recommend checking a few Internet sources as well as retail stores to be sure you get the very best price. I like Metro Kitchen because they offer free shipping and I don't have to pay tax. Williams-Sonoma runs great "exclusive" deals from time to time too... that's how I scored my 12-inch, non-stick frying pan. Hello breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Now, about that Viking range...

What's your fav pot or pan and why do you like it so much?


  1. I also love All-Clad pans but for me, my all-time favorite is still plain old-fashioned cast-iron. I must have almost a dozen different pieces but the one I use the most is a square griddle with a grill on the opposite side. It's always on my stove top and I use it for everything. Pancakes, bacon, French toast, pork chops, hash browns, you name it.

  2. I love cast iron, too. I was fortunate enough to get my grandmother's 8-inch skillet when she passed away. I think of her everytime I use it. The finish on it is unbelieveabl. So much love in that pan...