Sunday, September 11, 2011


And funded by unsuspecting donors like me and M...

Our flip-flop loving, houndstooth-hound sure is as cute as a button, however the sleepless nights and toddler like similarities have made us question whether getting this mouthy mutt was the right thing to do. Having been fans of labs for years, when we lost our sweet baby angel, Billy, this past summer, I couldn't even imagine getting another lab at the time. The sadness was unbearable, not to mention that Bill was irreplaceable.

Enter, one Cledus Thalmage Gordon. Ahhhh, the name you ask? One part Smoky and The Bandit, one part Nutty Professor ("Come on, Cledus" and yes, I literally say it CONSTANTLY), and one part Decatur, AL. For the latter, Marrow grew up with a lad named Thalmage. He felt the name fitting. How could I disagree?

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to own a bloodhound yourself, go ahead and scrap all the Hollywood malarkey. He's not lazy. He doesn't "hang" under the front porch all day. And, he doesn't sleep all the time. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.


1. He chirps much like a fire detector in need of new batteries hence the nickname Squeaky Fromm.

2. He Teedle-E-Tees on the floor if you're stern with him. He's very... well, let's just say, sensitive.

3. He generously spreads drool (thick, Ghostbuster's-like slime sans the green-- and there is A TON of it) and bits of half eaten kibble around the entire house... I mean everywhere. "Oh man, how did it get on the guest bedroom comforter..." "Come here Oscar, let me clean up your sad little head." Etc.

4. And literally, he cries ALL-THE-TIME.

Awww, but he sure is cute. ENJOY.

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