Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have a super menu planned for the first T-Town game, so look for it on Sunday. But wait, we have a game to play in ATL on Saturday, nibbles to make and share with fellow fans, and the biggest question to answer of all...What are we going to wear?

At 5'3, a bold floral pattern on a dress is going to swallow me alive. Think of that same concept when it comes to plating up tasty morsels to offer guests--the goal however is the same. You want to compliment the best you have to offer. Serving pieces, to me, are clothing for food.

"Think of white as the little black dress of serveware. And team colors as accessories."

You can create a pretty, effortless table with essentials you already have on hand. And who says everything has to "match". I prefer that items "go" together anyway. It makes for a more interesting look.

Secrets in the sauce...carrier. A variety of items make drizzling a tide-y breeze.

Basically, for Saturday's kickoff, all I'm going to do is mix my 4th of July/ non-breakable enamelware with my Pottery Barn Great White dinnerware. A friend of mine, Marian Cairns, picked up a dozen dishtowels for me on a trip to Ikea for a whopping $6 to use as napkins (if you're headed to the game, swing by and do the same) and everyday silverware works just fine. Cereal and soup bowls make for good dip containers and bags of chips can be dumped into baskets lined with white or brown parchment paper.

Use small saucers or bread plates under any dressing or sauce to keep drips contained. Fill in with kitchen staples such as well loved cutting boards and tongs to accomplish real tasks. No need for special pieces that you pull out only once a year.

As you can see, creating a festive comfortable get together is way too easy. Have questions? Let me know how I can help.

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