Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wheel in to your favorite grocery store or catering joint and pick up a few of your signature specialties. Shhh... it'll be our little secret.

The inspiration for this post comes via the biggest socialite in town, as my mother would often bump into her in the Western parking lot before teas and luncheons. With her sterling silver tray resting on the hood of her luxury vehicle, Mrs. R stacked brownies, cookies, tea sandwiches, or a similar nibble appropriate for those types of gatherings in lickity split time. GENIUS!

3 Trunk Top Specialties:

Tray Chic
Log of goat cheese
Pepper jelly
Roasted, salted almonds
Assorted olives (You know, the fancy ones they sell by the pound.)
Crackers (The imported kind. They're a little pricey, but folks will notice and give you a point.)

Finger Lickin' Hood Platter
Deli Fried Chicken Fingers
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Assorted carrot and celery sticks
Nick's-in-the-Sticks House Dressing (You T-Towner's know what I'm talking about... Ranch dressing sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles.)

Greek (Goddess Doesn't Want to Ruin Her Mani) Tray
Sabra Hummus with a squeeze of fresh lemon (Yes, take it out of the tub and no, not the juice from the plastic lemon!)
Marinated feta cubes
Cucumber rounds
Pita Chips

Sorry, no dessert options (no offense, Mrs. R), that's simply where I draw the line... Party Foul! Sweet treats, must be made from scratch. Oh, and be kind to the germaphobes. Keep a stash of disposable rubber gloves handy.

So don't forget to grab your pretty platters and bowls on your way out the door. And when your friends rave over the dish you bring, truthfully you can say, "Aww, it was nothing..."
Photo courtesy of Southern Living.

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