Monday, August 13, 2012


In many cases, we are fans of our teams long before we were even born, predestined to profess our die hard devotion and fall Saturdays to the excitement and mayhem we lovingly refer to as game day. A time set aside each year to make new friends, catch up with old ones, and reconnect with family members living in other cities and states over slow cooked meats and sauce or large vats of simmering gumbo. 

And I’ll admit it. I can be difficult to stomach during football season but the one thing that unites me with rabid fans from other schools is the promise of good eats on game day. We talk about it. We talk about it some more. And then we actually get down to preparing delicious snacks, libations, sides, main dishes, and desserts that are devoured before, during, and after the smackdown on the field. Some recipes may or may not involve team colors…it simply depends on one’s mood.

Tailgating. It’s become the ultimate family reunion or party across the South and the great thing about it is that everyone’s invited. Whether you’ve made reservations to attend the actual game or not or whether you plan to wheel on to campus or host a houseful of devoted fans in front of the flat screen television, anyone is welcome to participate.

Southern Livings The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook. This MUST-HAVE cookbook for anyone who loves to tailgate on football Saturdays. Let me hit the highlights for you:
  • Delicious, carefully curated collection of Southern Living tested recipes perfect for game day and beyond
  • Grilling tips, make-ahead dishes, how to pack recipes for travel, how to make your tailgate special at home
  • Custom-created recipes for team cupcakes, deviled eggs, spritzers, and menus for each of the 14 SEC football teams
  • Southern Living's expertise highlighting each college town in regards to where to go and what to do on game day
  • First-ever tailgating guide approved by the SEC
  • Quotes from some of your favorite coaches wives, musicians, and past football players
Available anywhere books are sold.

This collaboration has been a long time dream of mine and I'm trilled to share these tailgating recipes and ideas with you whether your a Crimson Tide fan or an SEC football fanatic like myself. Let me know how I can help you this football's going to be fun.


  1. Will you sign my copy if I bring it to a game? Ha! Can't wait to check out the book. Will likes "game day" food even when we watch the games from home. Looking forward to see you guys in the fall. Roll Tide!!

  2. Hey Susan!

    We're so looking forward to seeing y'all soon. You're too funny re: book! Listen, we're headed to that first home game in T-Town with a camera crew so I hop y'all will be there. Already talked with David and Nikki about it. It should be good times for sure!!!