Wednesday, September 5, 2012


When compiling fun facts for "the fans" for Southern Livings The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook, I had the opportunity to ask several college football notables a few questions in regards to Southern food and game day in general. There wasn't room to run it all in the cookbook but I thought you may be interested in what they had to you, the fans!

Marcell Dareus takes the ball into the
endzone after an interception in the 2nd
quarter of the 2009 BCS Championship game
at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Gross/ Getty Images NA.
Former Alabama Crimson Tide Defensive Lineman
(Questions in reference to when he played football for the University of Alabama)

1. Do you have any superstitions you practice before or the day of a football game?

Marcell: I couldn't sleep the night before a game just from all of the excitement and you'd be nervous too. The night before, you'd watch a lot of film and getting on the field was all you could think about. I'd get about 3 or four hours of sleep the night before a game.

2. It isn't an SEC game day unless...

Marcell: I have to dance to whatever is playing on my headset-- Al Green, old R&B, Rap. It helps me get rid of a lot of nervous energy.

3. Why do you have so much nervous energy?

Marcell: It's like you're listening to the fans and they're going nuts in the stadium and all eyes are on me, and Julio, and Trent. They just want you to do something right away and you have to calm down for a minute. I miss that.

4. Would you describe yourself as a little more country or a little more rock and roll?

Marcell: I'm as country as they come. I can cook. I can clean. I can do laundry-- I do it all. I learned how to do all of that from my mother and my grandmother.

Check back on Wednesdays to learn more of what your fave college football notables and famous fanatics had to say on the suject of tailgating, Southern food, and more.

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