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When compiling fun facts for "the fans" for Southern Livings The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook, I had the opportunity to ask several notables a few questions in regards to Southern food and game day in general. There wasn't room to run it all in the cookbook but I thought you may be interested in what they had to you, the fans!

Vince and Barbara Dooley
Photo courtesy of Mercy Medical.
Wife of former University of Georgia Head Football Coach Vince Dooley
Mom to University of Tennessee Head Football Coach Derek Dooley

1. Do you have any superstitions you practice before or the day of a football game?

Ms. Dooley: I think all of us in coaching have some superstitions. In fact, Vince had a sweater that he wore and was convinced that he had to have that sweater before kick off. He took his team to Madison, Georgia to spend Friday nights of home games and he remembered that he forgot his sweater. About 8:00 on Friday evening, a patrol car came down our drive looking for his sweater.

2. It isn't an SEC game day unless...

Ms. Dooley: We can hear the band practicing on Friday evenings, the campers rolling in for the game, and the traffic picking up to a frenzy. Game weekend turns our town into a a really exciting place to be. It's a Happening.

3. Do you wear something in particular on game day?

Ms. Dooley: For many years, I would have a "new" red and black outfit to wear each home game but I always wear red and black whether it's new or old. Now that our son is at Tennessee, I have incorporated Orange into my wardrobe, but Vince will not let me wear it until I cross the state line.

4. What Southern food does mama make best?

Ms. Dooley: Fried chicken...and for some reason I cannot make it taste like hers...So I depend on KFC!

Bonus: Is there one food or recipe in particular that it just wouldn't be game day without?

Ms. Dooley: The only thing that made me know it was game day was that I was so nervous that I couldn't eat!

Check back on Wednesdays to learn more of what other game day notables had to say on the subject of tailgating, football, and Southern food faves.

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