Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When compiling fun facts for "the fans" for Southern Livings The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook, I had the opportunity to ask Ms. Terry and several other football notables a few questions in regards to Southern food and game day in general. There wasn't room to run it all in the cookbook but I thought you may be interested in what they had to you, the fans!
University of Alabama Head Football Coach
Nick Saban and his wife Terry (a.k.a. Ms. Terry)
Photo courtesy of Saturday Down South.
(PART 2)
Wife of The University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

1. Do you have any superstitions you practice before or the day of a football game?

Ms. Terry: Nick makes sure that he eats two Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies that morning...even when we travel, I make certain to pack them. I also make sure that our daughter has given him his lucky penny before the game! There have been times that we have had to ask a police officer to track her down right before game time, and other times she has had to run out onto the field to hand it to him! She has been giving him a penny before the game since she was 12 years old. She is 21 now. She named her little dog Penny!
2. Is there one food or recipe in particular that it just wouldn't be game day without?

Ms. Terry: Nick loves carrot cake and our local friend Karler Hughes makes the best carrot cake in the South! So Karler has the schedule of games and makes sure we have a carrot cake on hand for Nick and our company! We even serve it at every recruiting party...but don't tell the other schools our secret!

3. It isn't an SEC game day unless...

Ms. Terry: ESPN starts the day as we have a houseful of company, all the children are wearing their cheerleading outfits or favorite team jersey, Aunt Fran and Uncle Sid help with last minute errands, we are distributing tickets and parking passes, and we all eat a hot dog as we watch the band warm up!

4. Sweet tea or unsweetened?

Ms. Terry: Would love to say sweet, but for the past few years, I've had to say "UN!" Too many recruiting dinners!

Check back on Wednesdays to learn more of what Ms. Terry and other game day notables had to say on the subject of tailgating, football, and Southern food faves.


  1. So cool! As a fellow football wife myself (albeit, on a smaller scale) I adore Terry Saban. That woman is all class! Love this family!

  2. I know! She's beyond ***The Best***! Check out GAC TV for our Southern Living Tailgate Special featuring Alabama and Ole Miss. Ms. Terry drops in for dessert and tells us about their charity Nick's Kid's Fund. GREAT organization!