Saturday, October 31, 2009


My mom used to make us this really great cake when we were growing up that called for a six-pack of candy bars. She liked to take it to our annual fall festival in elementary school for the Cake Walk raffle and it always received rave reviews. She was a rare breed, of a handful of moms, that would actually deposit fresh home baked goods for all of our functions requiring fresh home baked goods. Many times, after surveying the other selections available, we would leave with the same item we had brought.

After years of success, the candy bar cake no longer baked properly for her. The experience haunted her for decades. Not like haunted her scared, more like haunted her out of frustration. She always wondered what had happened and why she wasn't able to get the cake to rise in her oven as it had for all of those years before. Her new oven was scolded time and time again for being the culprit, and she never did figure out for certain what was causing the issue. (Another theory had to do with changes in candy bar size.)

Well, if you've never had a Milky Way bar cake, then you're just plain missing out--Super sweet icing and moist tender cake with hints of caramel throughout. So, more than just several years ago, when we decided to run a story in Southern Living about what to do with leftover Halloween candy, I thought, we could finally, once and for all, get that Milky Way bar cake to work and my mom would be happy. And so we did. (After working a good deal with candy bar size and ratio.) We made several tweaks to an old recipe by converting the layer cake into updated cupcakes and used Milky Way minis instead of full-size candy bars.

All you need to do is rely on your neighbors to hand out the sweets for Halloween.

Heavenly Candy Bar Cupcakes:
Photo courtesy of myrecipes.

Be safe and enjoy.

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